Zero Weight JavaScript Library
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About a project

This project is created as a way to realise my vision of the code representation in javasscript. I have tried to take all the best from JQuery, Prototype, Mootools and have united their in one library. All code presented at the site extends under GPL license. If you decide to download examples from the site you would have to add their to a basket at first. When you will add the examples to the basket you can download their as a single zip archive through the reference to "Download". The base set gives following components:

  1. Object-oriented framework
  2. Browser detection
  3. Detection of coordinates of elements
  4. Krossbrowser events
  5. Krossbrowser DOMReady event



Z.Tools library does not expand an object model of a browser as opposed to the similar. This feature makes it enough fast because the extra time is spent for object expansion. Besides the library does't cooperate with other libraries because the unique point of access to functions of the library is a global variable z which serves also as "magic" function for receipt z.Element of object on id. Z.Tools does't change standarts of JavaScript therefore your code will be compatible with other libraries. A code of the library is enough compact and simple in studying.


who can use it

For webmasters:

Webmasters can add interactive components to their site using ztools.

For webdesigners:

The designers don't need to worry about restrictions imposed by browsers on external appearance of elements of management, bubble helps and contextual menus with using ztools. These elements will look according to the plan of a designer.

For programmers:

The library gives set of convenient means for creation of own components using an including base class for objective focused inheritance, a krossbrauzer model of work with onready events, Ajax, animation and many other interesting decisions.

The library ztools can be useful to developers who need an extensive functionality by working of scripts and possibility to keep as more as possible compact size of a loaded code.


The main features of library 

  • The small size

  • It doesn't change base objects

  • It does not expand object model

  • It gives croos-brauzer support of work with events

  • Object-oriented architecture

  • Possibility of creation and inheritance of objects

  • Choice of objects from a tree according to criterion of the request

  • Definition of coordinates of elements

    You can download the ready components on this site.


  • z.Controls is a set of skins for standart elements of a form

  • z.Hints is a set of interactive helps

  • z.ContextMenu is a set of context menus.

  • z.Menu is a dynamic menu

  • z.CollapsableTree is a turned off tree