Zero Weight JavaScript Library
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Extended controls

Extended controls is supposed to extend minimum set of standard control elements. Here is only one element so far.



dependencies: base.js, element.js, controls/base.js, html/cphint.js, controls/textinput.js
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colorinput.js 1.8 KBs


Graphic theme for z.Form.Controls

<form action="">
<div><label for="colorinput_round1">Select Color: </label><input type="text" size="6" id="colorinput_round1" class="colorinput_round_setup" /></div>
<div><label for="colorinput_round2">Disabled</label><input type="text" size="6" id="colorinput_round2" class="colorinput_round_setup" disabled="disabled" /></div>
dependencies: controls/colorinput.js
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colorinput.css 1.84 KBs
colorinput.js 163 bytes
colorinput.png 5.09 KBs
spacer.gif 43 bytes